Pre-School Lesson Plans

I Am Special
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Unit Objectives:

To develop an understanding of self as a special individual, as part of a family, and a circle of friends.

Circle Activities:

Discuss the concept of each person being unique and special. There is no one else just like me. Have each child talk about themselves, and note how they are different from others, as well as the many ways they are the same as others.

Class Graph - Make graphs to reflect how many girls/boys are in the class, hair color, eye color, height.

Discuss each child's family. There are many different kinds of family and they are all special. Discuss how families all work together and how each member makes special contributions.

Discuss being a good friend. Ask the children how they are a good friend. Brainstorm "what makes a good friend" Make a chart of all the things we like to do with our friend, our family, or all by ourselves.


Fingerprints: As a unique individual, each person has unique fingerprints. Set out ink pads, white paper and a magnifying glass for the children to make and observe and compare their fingerprints.


Special Me (Twinkle, little star)

Special, special, special me. How I wonder what I'll be. In this big world I can be, Anything I want to be. Special, special, special me. How I wonder what I'll be.

Ticka -Tacka Telephone

Hey there child's name who's on the phone? Well if it's your friend friend's name, Tell him/her that you're at home. Singing Ticka -tacka, ticka - tacka Wally woo woo, Ticka - tacka, ticka - tacka, Wally woo woo.

Hands that clap

Child's name has two hands that clap, Hands that clap, Hands that clap. Child's name has two hands that clap, Clap and turn around.

Ten Little Fingers

I have 10 little fingers and they all belong to me. I can make them do things, Would you like to see? I can open them wide, I can shut them up tight. I can put them together. I can make them hide. I can make them jump high. I can make them jump low. I can fold them quietly, And hold them just so.

Happy Song (Frere Jacques)

I am happy, I am happy. Feel so good, Feel so good. Playing with my friends, Playing with my friends. Knew I could, Knew I could.

Can You Clap? (Do your ears hang low?)

Can you clap your hands? Can you clap them real loud? Can you clap them in the air? Can you clap them on the ground? Can you clap them over your head? Or when you're in bed. Can you clap your hands?

Nick Names

My real name is Donna, Donna's my real name, But some of my friends call me . is my nick name, Nick name, nick name, A little bit different, And a little the same.

All of me

See my eyes, See my nose, See my chin, See my toes, See my waist, See my knees. Now you have seen all of me.

Finger Family

Tommy thumb up and Tommy thumb down. Tommy thumb's dancing all around the town. Dancing on my shoulders, Dancing on my head, Dancing on my knees, And jumping into bed.

Continue with Peter Pointer, Toby tall, Ruby Ring, Baby finger and Finger Family.

I am Special (London Bridge)

I am special, yes I am Yes I am, yes I am. I am special, yes I am I'm very special.

No one else has hair like mine, Just like mine, just like mine. No one else has hair like mine, I'm very special.

Additional verses: A face like mine. Eyes like mine. Nose like mine. Mouth like mine.

Will you be a friend of mine? Children sit in a circle, one child walks around the circle to choose a friend on the first verse. On the second verse the two friends dance together in the middle of the circle.

Will you be a friend of mine? Friend of mine, friend of mine. Will you be a friend of mine? And dance around with me.

Yes, I'll be a friend of yours, Friend of yours, friend of yours. Yes, I'll be a friend of yours, And dance around with you.

Friends (Jack and Jill)

I have a friend her name is ________________. And we have fun together. We laugh and play, and sing all day, In any kind of weather.

Craft Activities:

Me Puppets: Provide each child with a paper bag, construction paper, wool, scissors, and glue. They will cut the facial features and glue them onto the bag.

Friendship pictures: Provide large butcher paper for the children to trace and color a picture of a friend.

Family Portrait: Cut the inside of a paper plate out to create a frame. If you would like a larger frame use construction paper. Have each child draw a picture of his/her family, then glue into the frame. The frame can be decorated with stickers or crayons.

Silhouette Pictures: Tape a piece of white drawing paper to the wall. Have each child sit in a chair and shine a light on them to create a shadow of their profile. Trace around the shadow. The children can cut them out and glue to black construction paper.

Family Tree: Create a simple family tree of each child's family. The children can bring snapshots of their family members including grandma and grandpa, or they can draw pictures.

Class Mural: Roll out newsprint on the floor and have each child lay on it to trace. Have each child complete the picture with markers, crayons, or paint. Display in the class room.


Name Cards: Make a name card for each child, depending on the age of the children this activity can be varied. Use the cards for name recognition, or make it into a bingo game. Make the child's name out of dots, laminate and use for practice printing.

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